Nirjala Ekadashi 2020: Shubh muhurat and Benefits of Ekadashi Vrat

Nirjala Ekadashi 2020: Shubh muhurat and Benefits of Ekadashi Vrat

Nirjala Ekadashi 2020: Shubh muhurat and Benefits of Ekadashi Vrat

Nirjala Ekadashi is the most important and pious festival observed by Hindus. As per the Hindu calendar, Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight. So, there are 24 Ekadasis in a year. Ekadashi Vrat is considered pure and is assumed to be one of the ways to attain Moksha. This year Nirjala Ekadashi falls on June 2.

This dry fasting ritual has been followed since the Vedic age. The only difference between Nirajala Ekadasi Vrat and Roza observed by Muslims during the month of Ramzan, is that dry fasting on Nirjala Ekadasi goes on for 24 hours from sunrise till next sunrise.

According to the Markandeya Purana and Vishnu Purana, the day of Ekadashi itself is a form of Lord Vishnu. Those who complete the Vrata of Nirjala Ekadashi gains the favor of Vishnu, who grants them happiness, prosperity, and forgiveness for sins. The observer gains longevity and salvation. He is believed to be taken by messengers of Vishnu to Vaikuntha, the abode of Vishnu, after death. Lord Vishnu blesses his devotees with wealth, prosperity, and health. He also fulfills all the wishes of his devotees and removes all the sins. Observing fast on Nirjala Ekadashi is equivalent to observing all the Ekadashis. It is also considered as Lord Vishnu’s most favorite one. By performing Nirjala Ekadashi, one can get rid of the cycle of birth and death. The devotee who observes the fast of Nirjala Ekadashi attains Moksha.

Nirjala Ekadashi 2020 date and time:

This year, the Nirajala Ekadashi will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. As per, the Ekadashi tithi of Jyestha month will begin on June 1 at 2.57 pm and concludes on June 2 at 12.04 pm.

Benefits of Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat:

  • During dry fasting, a process of intense cleansing begins as toxins are eliminated. But purification takes place not due to external water, but by the cleaner, high-quality metabolic water synthesized by the body. During a dry fast on Nirjala Ekadasi, the body survives on what is called endogenous or metabolic water. This ounce external water is like super water the body has used, filtered, and fortified. Unlike any external water, this metabolic water is of superb quality, produced by the body’s cells after cleansing. This water had all imprinted negative information erased, allowing cells to experience a revitalization.
  • Dry fasting is a powerful tool used to fight premature aging, disease and promotes prolonging life. There is a reason animals and human beings lose their appetites when sick. Unlike human beings animals instinctively use dry fasting when injured or sick. When wounded or very sick most animals find a secluded place and create a sanctuary. They rest and refuse food and water until they get better.
  • In a dry fast, the body eliminates toxins in different ways than normal. Instead of removing toxins from urine, bowels, kidneys, liver, and skin, the body turns each into a high power incinerator. The toxins are burned up inside of every cell.
  • Dry fasting helps the body protect against harmful environmental influences, including radiation.
    In traditional fasting, this radiation is eliminated in 2 weeks and during dry fasting, the same negative effects of radiation are eliminated in 5 to 7 days.
  • Dry fasting also eliminates parasites and promotes the regeneration of healthy tissues. Dry fasting creates a hostile environment where every cell of the body can clean the house. Only the strongest and healthiest of cells survive in such extreme conditions. Irregularities like cysts and benign tumors dissolve as a result of autolysis. The process by which the body sacrifices its sickest cells for its survival.
  • Astrologically, this is the time when Sun enters Arudra Nakshatra (Daruna Sangyaka) in Gemini and Moon is at Trine to Sun. Earth is said to entering its yearly mensus on these days (annual cleaning process) and every living being on earth will have slower digestion.
    So, ideally, this is the day for dry fasting and meditation.


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